A Bag of Passions

There were times in my life when I was passionate about a man….different times…different men. Read my book.

Now in my later years I have three projects that I feel very passionate about.

The scholarship I set up to honor the memory of my son, Drew comes first. Financial help is given to children of migrant workers whose dream is a college education. I am always looking for mentors to guide them and contributions to help them and time to spend with them.

My second passion is the book I have just published, “Nick and Nellie Go to College”. It is hot and wet off the Create Space Amazon press and is intended to excite preschoolers to go to college. We’ll have cookies and punch book signings for little ones and their mommies, daddies, nannies, and teachers. No wine and cheese. This book is not a sequel to “Confessions of a Geriatric Prom Queen”.

My third passion is the book I intend to write “Gentlemen Prefer Teachers”, about that one special teacher who was the first love after Mom. It is a book in which I want to dispel an old picture of teachers in orthopedic shoes and smocks and replace it with tight jeans and high heels and the old dream of being a dedicated teacher who could affect children in a positive way.

Now the new problem in mi vida appassionata is confusion over my three passions, websites,googles and ipods and having enough time and a big enough handbag to carry my passions with me to lunches and dinners, pilates classes, ma jong games, bus trips and parties.

I was at a birthday lunch for a friend who turned eighty. An elderly little woman sat down at my table and asked if I had written the book she read the night before that another friend at another table had lent her. I was thrilled to be recognized. “Is it autobiographical?” she asked.

“Mostly,” I replied partially choking on a tortilla chip dipped in a hot salsa.

I searched my purse for a book mark which I usually carry to give contact information about “Confessions” to interested people, I didn’t have a book mark. I did find an invitation to the scholarship which has no relation to the bookmark, except the e-mail address. “In a few weeks I’ll be carrying a copy of “Nick and Nelly,” I announced as if I were about to give birth.

Women of a certain old age find it easier to respond to a woman of their age who writes books for children, and supports a scholarship, rather than senior romance and sexy teachers. But now I’m worried about the confusion. I should have used a pseudonym for the books. Penny Nickels for the kids and Curvas Peligorsas for the “Confessions”?

A gentlemen friend and high school coach who supports the Drew Scholarship, called to tell me he googled me and saw an iPod of me delivering a story in a white hoody. Oh my God, that was my interview with Clitorus at the Cliteracy Conference. It was the story performed only once for the Womens Parts show. I do not want Nick and Nelly anywhere near Clitorous and her naughty vaginal accomplices.

I have two websites for the scholarship. One is located as a chapter in Dollars for Scholars national organization which provides tax service and a 501 c respectability, but definitely not for entertainment nor inspiration.

For entertainment keep coming to my Confessions website for light hearted stories about romance, old men, pedicures and younger men.

For inspiration go to the website I set up for my son Drew. It has all the newspaper articles he wrote about battling brain cancer with courage, humor and hope.

For any little person you know, buy my book, “Nick and Nellie Go to College” on Amazon.com.

If you’re as fortunate as I to live a long life, you adjust to changing hats. Off with the tiara and on with the college mortar board. Eventually it all comes together.