A Happy Holiday Season


A few months ago on a cold and blustery night in Grass Valley, I entered the Open Book secondhand book store, escorted by my travel-mate Rosie and my cousin Jessica and her husband, Gary.

Jessica had planned the book reading event when she heard I was coming for a visit. She has long been a fan of my writing and especially enjoyed the stories I wrote about a British gentlemen who inspired two of my Nevada City, Yuba River stories.

The owner of the book store was supposed to have provided advertising. The only thing we saw was the 4X6 inch postcard of my shoe taped to the door. My feet were getting colder. The room had a small stage at one end. Chairs were waiting to be arranged, as guests started to arrive. I was worried that no one would come out on such a freezing Tuesday night to hear an old lady from L.A. read stories about dead lovers.

I had sent a news release to the local newspaper, Prospector announcing my return to Grass Valley and Nevada City where I had spent so many happy summers with my cousins. One of the arrivals brought a candle to light in memory of Dr. Leah, Jessica’s mother to whom I dedicated the evening of story-telling.

They were a wonderful audience. They laughed at everything and I found myself growing warmer with each page I turned. After my fourth story, I stopped and offered to sign books. This is the first time I didn’t bring enough books to sell. Several of my new best friends wanted two books.

I was so happy to have a lighter suitcase and a good feeling about the gratitude expressed to Jessica for bringing me back to Grass Valley.

Thank you to all my supporters who offered me encouragement and suggestions after my last blog. I am especially thrilled to have mystery fans who order books from Amazon. And if you’re still looking for a Valentines Day gift book to give Aunt Sophie, the lively one of a certain age..call me. I’ll gift-wrap and deliver.


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  1. Norm Levine

    How nice for you. Your fame is spreading. There is a rumor (I just started) that your book will be made into a movie staring Meryl Streep or was it Reese Witherspoon.

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