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December 16, 2014   I’m still spinning two weeks after my Sunday reading to Deborah Finley’s friends in San Diego. The setting on her lovely deck, featured a table set with champagne and wine, elegant crystal flutes and an assortment of the finest cheeses and pastries.

Central casting couldn’t have chosen a better audience. Attractive, well-dressed bright women of a certain age giggled, chuckled and roared at my stories about senior romances taking place in a barrio school, at the scrabble table and while posing for an adult film. Thee Waldman, so serious- looking at the start, led the chorus of laughers, inspiring me to give my best performance.

Nancee Lewis, website creator and professional photographer was on hand to snap pictures of the glamorous crowd , the sumptuous table and the new patent leather pumps I was wearing for the first time.

Katie Elsbree and her entourage came in later and I did an encore story about swimming nude in the Yuba River for them. I still hadn’t had a glass of wine, but felt intoxicated by the warm response I had received on a chilly December afternoon.

I may have felt like the “shy pornographer” introducing myself at 2 in the afternoon , but by four I was full of energy and excited about signing books for my new best friends. I listened to them outline a marketing plan doing Readers’ Theatre, a One-Woman show, creating a CD, a DVD, and appearing on the Ellen De Generes show. Lee Steele, my travel companion, helped with collecting cash and checks.

I have come to the conclusion after my limited experience promoting my book, that themost receptive audiences have been women in their sexy sixties and healthy seventies, who see the humor in senior romance and also the possibility of an exciting new relationship later in life.

The visit came to a glorious end with host, Charles serving his now famous gumbo, the good wine, and sweet desserts. I hugged and kissed Deborah and Charles and danced out the door ready to conquer the world of women yearning for romance.