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Meet the Author Party

Sometimes the hard work of writing a book might be the easy part. The networking part, connecting with your readers might be a little trickier and require some savvy conversation. Find out what happens during a “Meet the Author” party in the home of a good friend of mine at Reading…Dreaming…

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Where do you do it?

Who would like to have a little fun? We invite our friends and readers to take a photo of themselves wherever they are enjoying their copy of “Confession of a Geriatric Prom Queen” and post it to our Facebook page: Here is a shining example: Margery Pope reading her copy of “Prom Queen” before…

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Dear Friends

April 14, 2015 If you’re worried that you might have missed seeing me on Ellen’s show or that you didn’t stay up late enough to catch me being interviewed by one of those younger Jimmy fellows, stop fretting! When a personal appearance on nation-wide TV is imminent, you’ll be notified. One of my senior girlfriends…

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