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Prom Queen sited at Crown Books

  January 1, 2015   Sue, the Manager at Crown Books in Woodland Hills, was very helpful. She displayed my poster, ordered coffee, set up tables and brought out chairs on a chilly December 14 afternoon. The only problem was that she was setting up my book reading in a corner of the Children’s Book…

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Afternoon Delight

  December 16, 2014   I’m still spinning two weeks after my Sunday reading to Deborah Finley’s friends in San Diego. The setting on her lovely deck, featured a table set with champagne and wine, elegant crystal flutes and an assortment of the finest cheeses and pastries. Central casting couldn’t have chosen a better audience…

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My First Interview

Marketing my book, “Confessions of a Geriatric Prom Queen” has been as great a challenge as mastering the computer code of self-publishing. The skill that has helped me overcome my lack of skill in many areas is my openness to suggestions from people I meet in unexpected places. I made a wonderful contact on the…

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