Dear Friends

April 14, 2015

CGPQ_SMALL If you’re worried that you might have missed seeing me on Ellen’s show or that you didn’t stay up late enough to catch me being interviewed by one of those younger Jimmy fellows, stop fretting!

When a personal appearance on nation-wide TV is imminent, you’ll be notified.

One of my senior girlfriends in the North Hollywood YMCA women’s locker room will spread the word at Wednesday night’s Story Salon to techie younger women who will transmit it to my many Facebook friends whose twitters may reach a very modern Red Hatter who phones my friend in Laguna who will snail mail the message in a card with confetti to all my fans in the Woods.

In the meantime while you’re waiting anxiously, you can listen to an hour long podcast on KPFK with Mikhail Tank and Layla Ashley, or you can look forward to a seeing me interviewed on a lively new show being piloted by two actress friends whose names and show information I can’t reveal yet…but stay tuned.

I do know there may be a few ladies out there who will nod politely but be thinking, “There she goes again with her damn book, her interviews and her readings as if we’re all that interested in her love life and late in life fame.”

When I share my hurt feelings that my book may be embarrassing or irrelevant to some of my former friends, I get very reassuring responses from my supporters. “They’re just jealous that their lives haven’t been as exciting. They wish they had written a book. They don’t have a sense of humor. They’re too old.”

No matter how old I get, I still want my friends’ approval. I treasure the letters I have received the past two months as if they are love letters.

I need to thank Lucy, a librarian, for reading my book three times to enjoy the sizzle and the crackle of a life she couldn’t have dreamt of living.

Candy, a younger high-school English teacher friend wrote me that she was laughing out loud when she wasn’t crying. “You really pulled it off!” she said.

Joan whom I haven’t met, laughed out loud at some of my stories and ended her note writing that I had lived a happy life.

I’ve only written about the happy funny parts, Joan. Maybe there’s another audience out there to touch, but not yet.

Yours Truly,
Lila lee Silvern