I Was Myself

October was a busy month.

I spent a lot of time editing stories and finding photos to include in my Story Afternoon Oct. 14 at Art Parlor. But then after weeks of preparation, I found myself in front of a room filled with friends and family eager to hear my stories.

I stood with microphone in hand apologizing for the delay in getting started and the news that there would be no photos projected on a screen nor the music to “Fiddler on the Roof” played and that my stories weren’t about sexy seniors.

No one left.

The response from my audience was completely forgiving and even laudatory that my stories about childhood and family weren’t distracted with old pictures and sound effects.

The theme was taken from Oscar Wilde’s words, “Be Yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” I was myself as I read stories about my mother coming to America; my father embarrassing me with a farm planted in our back yard; my sister-in-law who brightened my young life with her glamour and pizazz; my cousin, the actor, and I interpreting Chekov with sex and surprises.

I thank all my friends and supporters who called or wrote to tell me how much they enjoyed my stories. It meant a lot to me. It gave me the confidence to rehearse for my next story gig at the Colony Theatre in Burbank.

The theme is Diversity and I’m doing the teacher story that appeared in Teaching Tolerance. It is another departure from Confessions. I hope that story lovers will come out for this event, November 13 at 8 o’clock.

I’m so proud to be included with a group of talented story tellers and that this is evening’s show will benefit Burbank’s Family Service Agency.

The most rewarding of the month’s efforts happened Saturday morning, October 21 at 9 AM at Harmony Elementary School in South Central LA.

I presented Nick and Nellie Visitan la Universidad to an auditorium filled with parents and primary grade children.

We discussed the book in English and Spanish and Luis Garza, the illustrator helped sign copies of the books for over an hour.

The best part of the morning was hearing the first and second graders tell me their plans to attend Harvard and UCLA when they graduated high school.

There was no mention that Nick and Nellie Go to College is in any way a prequel to Confessions of a Geriatric Prom Queen or old enough to attend Diversity at the Colony Theatre. Love to see you there.

Lila Lee Silvern