Interview at Beach Bound Books

Prom_Queen_BeachBoundBooksJoin me for my interview at Beach Bound Books. I’m answering a number of questions about my book and me. Here’s one of the questions;

BBB: What inspired your book, Confessions of Geriatric Prom Queen?

LLS: I was surprised to learn that my young audiences were delighted with her seven minute, ribald stories about seniors still enjoying sex, romance and a good laugh about themselves.
I hope to inspire the older crowd to drop some of their inhibitions, get more enjoyment out of life after sixty, and give the younger people a more hopeful look at the future. Sensuality after sixty seems to be the last taboo that TV and the movies seem reluctant to explore. This book may embarrass some, but hopefully it will titillate others to drop a few hang ups and grab what’s left of their lives with gusto and giggles.