My First Interview

Marketing my book, “Confessions of a Geriatric Prom Queen” has been as great a challenge as mastering the computer code of self-publishing. The skill that has helped me overcome my lack of skill in many areas is my openness to suggestions from people I meet in unexpected places.

I made a wonderful contact on the tennis court where I play on Saturdays. David Berkus, a left-handed threat at the net is also an experienced business man who specializes in marketing strategies. He was sitting patiently on the bench waiting to play doubles when he overheard me talking about my book. He not only bought a copy but went on to recommend a week later that I be interviewed for one of Mikhail Tank’s KPFK podcasts for his and Layla Ashley’s The Feel, Think and Grow Show.

This is a show about dealing with a chaotic and sometimes overbearing world that questions our value of humanity. The aims of the hosts are to inspire and encourage feeling and questioning ones own personal growth and freedom.

I had prepared myself to read passages from my book that would tease and titillate and hopefully entertain, amuse and sell books. Shortly into the interview I was relieved to move in another direction. Layla, who is a psychotherapist and life coach surprised me with a question about my childhood. There were other inquiries about what I look for in a man and what I think about plastic surgery and dating younger men or bi-sexuals.

Both Layla and Mikhail made me feel comfortable talking to them from my phone at home. I was able to express some of my more serious feelings about ageing and my belief in having passionate feelings about issues and causes and helping others as a way of preventing depression.

I was glad I wasn’t asked to describe sex acts, but led to talk about acts of affection and tenderness as being more important in Senior relationships. I can now also add that being interviewed and creating an interest in my interviewers to read my book and meet for dinner put a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

And as for their inquiry about what I find attractive in men….it is similar to what I like in women friends…….kindness, curiosity and the ability to laugh at the tribulations of growing old.

I will post the date and time of the podcast which will be scheduled for December or January.

I also invite Valley friends to come and hear me read stories at the Crown Book Store in Woodland Hills, 6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Sunday December 14 at two o’clock.
My book makes a wonderful gift for an elderly spirited aunt, cousin, or grandmother who has to be convinced she’s never too old for romance.



The Feel, Think and Grow Show delves into the Sensitization of life; how we stay tuned in and still retain individuality. In the midst of a chaotic and sometimes overbearing world, we question ourselves and the value of humanity. This show aims to inspire and uplift you, reminding you to never stop feeling, always ask questions and enjoy your personal growth & freedom. HOSTS Mikhail Tank and Layla Ashley share their insights, tools and art from their life’s work on staying sensitized in a desensitized world.

BIOS: Layla Ashley is a practicing Psychotherapist (LMFT.#40157) and Certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. Layla has combined her background in Philosophy, Theology and Psychology with her humanistic and compassionate perspective in her Alchemy Life Coaching™ practice. Layla helps people navigate their lives to access a deeper sense of themselves and harness their true potential and success. Layla is working on her new book and a hypnotherapy audio meditation program. Her current content can be found on iTunes & her previous co-hosted radio show with partner Mikhail was centered on the depths of the human psyche.

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