In “Confessions of a Geriatric Prom Queen” Lila Lee Silvern captures with bittersweet humor the joys and challenges of romance among the Social Security set. Her stories pull back the curtain on something that those of us who are younger prefer not to think about — and it turns out that love and sex among older folks isn’t all that different than they are for the rest of us. The narrator’s authentic tenderness for her paramours perfectly blunts the sharp, sometimes biting wit that permeates these pages, leaving the reader to laugh out loud, sigh wistfully, and mist up in the span of a few pages.I’m buying a copy for my mom, and five more for her to give to her friends. Bruce Falstein

This book had all the elements of a great read. It was hilarious, sad, heartfelt, emotional and I could not put it down. The stories were so interesting and fun. I enjoyed every mnte of it and hope the author has a follow-up. Debbie L. Kelly

Reading the first “Confession” was like eating the first chocolate in the box – Delicious!
I had to read the next one, and then one more, and another, until I had finished the whole book, laughing out loud.Lila’s delightful sense of humor and ability to share herself -“The Geriatric Prom Queen” – results in a terrific read. Tearing away at long held stereotypes of aging and romance, Lila gives us a joy ride into later life pleasures to to be found. Emy Lin


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