Who Would Believe?

January 15, 2015



Something magical has been happening since I got up the nerve to publish my book, “Confessions of a Geriatric Prom Queen”.

I present it at readings. I carry it with me everywhere and expose it at every opportunity. I don’t care if people laugh and are shocked and embarrassed and even a little jealous of my accomplishments.

Magical things have been happening.

Facebook which I used to hate I now love because it brought me and my book to the attention of nieces and nephews and cousins I hadn’t talked to in a long time. When I check Amazon for royalties now, I am so pleased to NOT know who bought my book.

The Pink Lady wants to have lunch with me. She is known in the West Valley for conducting lectures, workshops and classes in her house which is pink inside and out.

My book was raffled off at Maybin Hewes “Still Struttin” show and the winner was the lovely star, Ana Maria Alberghete, who shared a bit of the romance in her life while I autographed her book.

The laughing ladies of San Diego urged me to make a trailer to send to Ellen DeGeneres… Nancee Lewis is working on it. I assembled a wonderful bunch of local laughers and clappers to meet at my house January 15 for coffee, tea, cookies, cakes and me reading my stories while Nancee did her magic behind the camera.

In attendance were story tellers from Story Salon; memoir writers from IWOSC (Independent Writers of Southern California) my screen-writer friend from college days, water exercise mermaid and Arleigh Castle, a new friend with a long show-biz career.

Arleigh is the friend who left a wonderful message on my phone thanking me for the book I gave her for her 89th birthday. I’ve kept her message which started out with glowing appreciative words telling me how much she loved my book and what a great gift it was and THEN how she couldn’t believe that I had written it. “Who would ever think?” she said incredulously that you of all people would write a book like this. You remind me of my sixth grade teacher.” she added in another conversation.

Can that be why everyone is laughing? I ask myself on the way to the Credit Union to deposit a few checks. And by the way, Arleigh let me know about her romantic past and all I can say about another white-haired lady in her eighties…”Who would ever believe that you…of all people would….?”


Lila Lee Silvern